Saturday, November 13, 2010

A visit to Arzu

Really can't resist a visit to a shopping Mall....hahaha...and today I ended up shopping tudung at Arzu....

I bought two long cotton shawl-like tudung and few anak tudung...senang nak jaga, tak perlu iron, easy to bring and wear kalau travelling

and my first time wearing like this!! tengok orang pakai cam complicated je...but somehow it is so easy to wear without needing any brooch or pin!! and the most important thing is you can be ready in less than a minute!!

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Jelita78 said...

ohhh i loikeeee!!!!
tapi i still mcm tak berani nak try laa..
maybe i shud visit Arzu too, huh?

btw, i like your new blog tudung too! rajin ko jem!
aku takde masa nak godek!

JeM said...

jelita..mmg u kena pi buat lawatan ke Arzu!! a lot of hijab styles to be easily worn!! poket kempis la pastu....hehe

JeM said...

by the blog tudung tu time melayan kemalasan kat rumah!! TQ! i like it too :-))

Jelita78 said...

hah, yg part poket kempis tu yg menggerunkan tuuu... ishh... sgt tempting..

dd said...

cantik ah.. mcm nak try style ni but not sure whether sesuai tak kat muka..
kak jem... buat la demo camna nk pkai...
hi aida..its me diana/dd.. ingat tak?

screamingmommy said...

i like this type of tudung too, i find it easy esp on holidays, tak payah fikir pasal ironing:) it looks nice on you too:)

JeM said...

dd...nak buat demo?? i pun tak berapa expert lagi, need to visit Arzu few more times hahaha! nnti i expert i buat demo, kay!

SM...true enuff it is easy to wear and to take care of..initially i thought it will take a hell out of my time to wear not dare to try, but then it turn out to be pretty quick! need to visit Arzu more frequent :-))

Jelita78 said...

DD !!!!
camner ko leh related ngn Jem ni??
waaaaa.. i miss u!! where have u been??
mana blog hang ni, weii??

sorry jem, hijack blog.. jejak kasih plak tetiba ni.. bwahahha


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