Friday, October 29, 2010

WeeKenD is Here!

Weekend is here!

Too bad, I still have to work tomorrow*sigh* there goes my last weekend call and last call for the month!

Have a nice weekend peeps!!

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

another neb

We are @ KJMC today...Arissa has been coughing for few today kena jumpa paedeatrician...since last time she had the same symptoms sampai admitted, so better bring early.

I've been auscultating her chest every day at far ok, no wheezing but treating your own child is not good actually coz you may underestimate or overestimate! So better not taking the risk at your own.

She is a big girl now...sitting nicely on chair, obeying whatever dr's order during examination. Good girl, Arissa!

The lung is ok. Occasional wheezes sounds only and she needs to take nebuliser today and to continue her ventolin inhaler at home 6 hourly..another homework for mummy :-)

Get well soon baby!
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Hampstead

Forget about this morning ramblings!!! Hehe...let's talk about my other working bag..LV Hampstead MM in Damier Ebene...

Just the right size and shape for a working bag, as for me, it is chic and practical! yup I can carry along my 11inch laptop without a prob!! My zippy wallet, my wrislet, my card holder, my coin purse! I have a lot to carry! Superb!!

and I am the person who can't tollerate having a small bag!! MM is perfect size for me....about 14 inch in length and 6.7inch in width, can fit A4 size book or papers...the shoulder handle is adjustable too!

It has a press studs that allow the capacity and shape of the bag to be altered, making it more versatile for different occasions. Interiorly, with a stunning red lining, it has one large pocket,one mobile phone compartment and another large pocket with zip.

So far I have no worry in using this bag, as it is made with a strong canvas, in a dark coloured leather from dirt and colur transfer and easy to take care!

Guess what?? I have my name printed on this bag too! No doubt it is yours truly bag!! hahaha
Takde can reselling this bag :-p

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Morning Rambling

*sigh* pagi-pagi dah mengeluh, not a good thing to start with...and it always happen when my other half is not around! This morning kelam kabut sending kids to school, I am late to work by 15 minutes...and at the same time plak, one of the patient in the ward who is suppose to go for elective caesarean is contracting away and she's in labour!!! Gosh!! And I am still on d road!!

Next Month, my other half will be away for 2 weeks!! Can't imagine all the 'kelam kabuts' nanti...

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

fun @ Genting

It is almost 6 years...the last time i went to Genting Highlands....
our getaway to Golden Palm Tree, Sepang have to be postponed coz last minute booking, alamak mahalnya room yang available...not worth, maybe later we do booking earlier..
So we made a choice to bring the kids to Genting for Fun!
thought of naik cable car to the top tapi cable car tutup!!
so nak tak nak had to drive up to the top.

It was not a 'good day' for us as it was raining till outdoor theme park tak bleh nak main and we only stayed indoor aje...i would say not much difference from the last 6 years i went there...indoor games still sama other exciting extras...but more shops and food outlets la..
My Kids had fun there! As long as they enjoyed it...anyway the trip is for them not us hahaha...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

need a 'break'

i am planning for a short weekend getaway, break this weekend and just found out about Golden Palm Tree  Villas & Spa Hotels which is situated nearby, Sepang...

Ivory Palm Villa

A five-star eco-friendly Golden Palm Tree Sepang Gold Coast sea hotel...
This water villa resort stretches out nearly one kilometre into the sea facing the sheltered waters of the straits of Malacca.
The floating resort - the third in the world after two Palm projects in Dubai - 
has also made it into the Malaysia Book of Records as "The Longest Palm Tree Shaped Resort Hotel on the Sea".

The award-winning resort built in the shape of a palm tree just opened in July this year. It is only a 25-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, 45 minutes from Putrajaya and 75 minutes from cosmopolitan Kuala Lumpur.

premium travellers palm villa

Travellers Palm Villa...the cheapest among all

and...The Escapade Spa...

1. Escapade Signature Massage
2. Swedish Massage
3. Aromatherapy Massage
The rates are RM220 for 60 minutes and RM300 for 90 minutes 

Anyone out there experienced staying here?? any comments about the place?

Exam is Over

I am happy as my daughter!!

Finally exam is over...and she is happily having her time playing and watching DvDs...

and I am so that I can concerntrate on my work and study...phheeeWwww..

I need sometimes for my own...eversince Raya hols...I am occupied with other things...and time flies reaLly fast..

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Remember this beauty???

I am letting go my rarely used TOds Pashmy Bauletto Media in olive

In a very good condition!

Material : pashmy and leather
Measurement 39 x 24 x 13cm
Handle drop 22cm

Email me at for more pics and the negotiable price :-)

Have a nice day!
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lets cheechah

First time at cheechah...authentic malaysia tapas....

Food....variety and yummy!!

Will come back another day for sure!

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Her New Look

Manage to get Arissa to do her first hair cut today...

eventhough she cried half way thru the session!!

Kesian anak mama...being forced to cut her hair! Not a good way..tapi kalau nak tunggu the princess agree..mama plak yang headache looking at your messy hair esp baru bangun tidur!

Her hair is way different from her sister's...i manage to keep her sister's hair till 6 years long!!
Arissa's hair is more thicker and more curled makes it more difficult!

Anyway dear, i love your new look very-very much!
Your face look more rounded and chubby and cute!!

my first hair cut...@ a cost of rm13...hihi

two and a half year long hair!!

are u ready??


how's my new look?

I like it!!!

Kids first hair cut

I am sending Arissa for her first hair cut today....I can't stand her hair anymore!! Sorry dear, mama rimas tengok your thick hair...

I just googled some tips...but I guess I suppossed to get the tips bit earlier...anyway I'll give it a try today...

Here are some tips for the First Hair Cut:

Make an appointment rather than drop in

Take your baby into the hair salon a few days before to get him familiar with the facility

Get your baby to watch himself in the mirror

Wave around a brightly colored stuffed animal to distract your baby

Hold or cuddle your baby during the cut if he is upset

Sit your baby in a special shaped chair, like a car or fire engine, during the cut if he seems calm

Let your baby play with a squirt bottle

Watch other children get their hair cut

Don't forget to bring a camera and ask for a lock of hair to document your baby's first hair cut

Popular Styles for Kids??

Some styles, like the bob and buzzcut, have been around for years. These classics never go out of style. Whether you stick to the traditional format or make the cuts a little more modern, your kids can't go wrong with these old favorites.


If your daughter likes a bob, but wants to jazz it up a bit, try these ideas:

Inverted bob: Hair is tapered and short at the neck, and longer at the top.

Asymmetrical bob: Cut one side shorter than the other for a unique, edgy look.

Layered bob: Have the stylist cut layers all over the head for more volume.

Vary the length: Bobs may hit at the collarbone, jawline, chin, or shoulders. Choose the length that works best for your daughter.

Play with bangs: Bobs may be all one length, or they may have bangs. Let your daughter choose the look that works for her.

Work the ends: If your daughter is old enough to "fix" her hair, she can flip the ends or roll them under, depending on the style of the day.

will see the result shortly!
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pink Mode

Pink mode for on call mode..

Everything in PINK

Meet my Lovely Pink in da house!

Another weekend call to go...

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Friday, October 15, 2010

exam week

next week will be the exam week for my eldest

so this week is her study week!!

biar betul mama ni...baru standard two dah ada study week..but nak tak nak i have to go thru all syllabus with her for the final exam of the year..

and i would say...almost two years going thru standard one and two syllabus..hahaha 

more, more tougher than ours those days!

hopefully you can do at your very best dear and after that kita boleh 'bercuti'

huhu mama yang happy!!

All the best my Dear!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


which colour is nice for my scrubs???

Scrubs are the shirts and trousers or gowns worn by surgeons, doctors, and other operating room personnel when "scrubbing in" for surgery. They are designed to be simple with minimal places for dirt to hide, easy to launder, and cheap to replace if damaged or stained irreparably.


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