Saturday, November 20, 2010

He is missing his Big Sister

Amsyar asked me  shortly after we arrived home 
 Mama...Kakak tak nangis ke mama tinggal?? Bila Kakak nak balik?? Kenapa mama tinggal kakak?
 Amsyar nak main dengan kakak and bla bla bla...Amsyar makes me feel guilty leaving Batrisyia.*i feel guilty and bad*

He missed her sister already...Batrisyia is staying with the cousins at my sister's house.....we just came back from Kedah and arrived home safely this evening. This is his first time being apart from her sister! poor Amsyar..

Batrisyia really wants to stay with her cousins for few more days, and look forward for this moment actually. She'll be back home next week...

I would say both are very close with each other, they are only 2 years apart compare to Amsyar and his little sister which is four years apart. They fight with each other like other normal siblings, even then they play and do homework together.. and even sleep in the same room.
 Arissa will always left behind...and i think this is the good time for Amsyar to be close with her little sister pulak.. I am missing you Batrisyia!
Don't worry Mama and Amsyar will be fine here, and Have Fun there!

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