Monday, November 29, 2010

I survived

 I survived two weeks without hubby around!
 and yang bestnya tak rasa macam dua minggu pun...

First few days...memang terasa jugak...becoz kids still schooling..and really looking forward
for my trip with kids to my sister's place in Sg Petani to spent our Raya aidilAdha there.
We travelled by car actually with my sister and her two daughters.
Alhamdulillah selamat sampai and returned home safely.
Enjoyed our stay in Sg Petani, catched up with my two sisters, had home-cook breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner!...and kids happily enjoyed themselves
being together!

Hubby came back from Frankfurt on Sunday evening...spent two days at home with him
and his back to work...flew to Kuching on wednesday....but my day and house was filled up again with
my sister's family from Sg Petani..They were on their way to Kuantan for a wedding, stayed two
nights at my house...Kids had their fun again and again! 

Hubby came back from Kuching on Saturday night and sadly
 i was on call the next day...and that ended my holiday ....sob! sob!

I am keeping my next 6 months leave aside to be used as my study no more
long hols after these and life is gonna be tougher ahead, with exams coming!

To my Kids and Hubby...
 Please be prepared and be patient with me!
Usaha, Doa dan Tawakkal.



hang in there! u're supermom ;)

JeM said...

Joy...this supermom sometimes pancit! hehehe


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