Tuesday, March 30, 2010

busy as a bee...

i am busy with calls.....finishing my 5th call for this month tomorrow...

and kids.....

Hubby pun busy....with work problem....don't worry dear,..i'll be right behind you...

Alhamdulillah we are in a good health :-)

Pray to God that everything will go well...InsyaAllah.Amin.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i'm tired

i just came back from OT...

did a caesarean section for a lady whose baby is in distress..and the labour did not progress well...at 4

o'clock in d morning....

now it's time for me to get ready for clinic at 0800H

Oh I wish i have sometimes to sleep.....







Sunday, March 21, 2010

zafran in the family

one of the day.....

when zafran's mummy n daddy busy...and zafran bored at home...

being with Arissa...'best buddy',

Kakak Tisya n Abang Amsyar is the best choice ever!

happy tengok 4 of them...sit together peacefully....


Today, early in the morning me and Arissa rushed to KJMC...for Arissa's follow up with Dr Syed...coz tak nak tunggu lama-lama kat clinic...lucky we were number 3! just waited for half an hour only....fuih lega..

Alhamdulillah...Arissa's lung is clear...she does not need to be on nebuliser...but still need to continue her antibiotic for another 2 days....

Batrisyia and Amsyar had breakfast with the father...Me and Arissa had  late breakfast with my sis n her son..Arsyad.After breakfast we went to Aryani...cuci-cuci mata kut2 ada new style of tudung...and to collect my membership Gold card! Haha it looks like a real Gold Card! nanti terconfuse plak with the 'real Gold Card'. 

I bought my sis black tudung...as she wanted to have a new one..coz tudung hitam dia made from munawwarah dah lama...as a token of appreciation jaga Arissa last friday! Thanx Dik Jue for the help....
Me? hihihi belek punya belek satu pun tak berkenan! Pelik ni ?! Normally i will grab at least 3 per entry kat Aryani...hahaha! Or becoz I already have almost all the colours...

In the evening we have late lunch at OU...then my hubby bawak Kakak n Amsyar to Kizsports Playland! Kesian both of them...tak pergi mana-mana this school holiday..
Me and my sis gi window shop-in....sambil window..sambil shop inside! and pit stop kat new baby room at new wing...the interior is really really nice and roomy....very colourful!

Then we stopped at MPH book fair...bought Arissa her fav Barney book...penat2
Here are some photos of the baby room..

great colours!

nappy-changing area...they have 4...the walls are so cute with the polka-dot!

3 comfortable feeding rooms...with privacy

 Flat screen TV...displaying kids movie...with spacious and comfy wathcing area too!

Arissa enjoying herself...
mama...am i tall?

mama...can i wash my hands?

"mmmm....i think the room is nice...but no toys for me to play with"

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm in love

Can i have this one?

i'm in love......
 Chloe Marcie Large satchel

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

bag for sale

i'm letting go my Marc by Marc Jacobs Huge Hillier Hobo in black colour....for RM1500..don't worry the price is negotiable...contact me at jem3108@yahoo.com or sms me at 017-2704700.
It is 100% authentic!
Bought back last year May but used only 3 times...for only 1-2 hours.I love this bag very much but wrongly estimate the size, it is huge on me coz i'm a petite lady...
It can be use in 2 ways...shoulder and sling
It comes with dustbag too :-)

 A beautiful, soft pebbled leather hobo handbag
Polished silvertone logo hardwares and hexagonal studs
Utility-inspired enamel logo plate
Single rolled leather strap
Strap drop of 9"
Detachable leather shoulder strap with a drop of 17"
Open top with hidden magnetic closure
Logo print interior lining
Leather trimmed interior zipper compartment with logo pull tab
Logo stamped on interior zipper compartment
2 Interior patch pockets
Interior logo key clip

17"W x 15"H x 7"D

on handheld

on shoulder

as a sling bag

as seen worn by Jennifer Garner

Kate Beckinsale

Miley Cyrus too!

Interested? Any inquiries?
Do not hesitate to contact me ya!
The bag is sold! 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Arissa being admitted

Poor Arissa has to be admitted to the hospital. I did not expect that her lung would be that bad...

She had fever on and off since Chineese New Year, but the fever and flu, cough was settled down. Again she had another episode of fever with cough and flu...a week after and relieved by medicine. The paedeatrician said it was a viral fever and needed no antibiotics. Even i am a doctor by profession, but i did not dare to treat my daughter myself, i still bring her to see paedeatrician.The 3rd episode she had fever was on friday with very bad cough and phleghm...and i did bring her again to see the paedeatrician...but the cough get even worst which makes her coughing all night long, and disturbs her sleep..she refused to eat but she still wants to drinks plain water and her milk...

We went to see Dr Syed in KJMC, her paedeatrician..and advised to do Chest X Ray and blood test...true enough her chest was quiet bad with signs of pneumonia..and she has to be admitted for IV antibiotics..

Tears falling from my eyes...feeling of guilty for not taking good care of her...not good enough until she requires admission...oh how bad i feel...being a mom. I feel so sorry for her...
how I wish my hubby is around....for me and for her..

Today...2nd day in the hospital...she's better...after 6 hourly nebuliser, iv antibiotics, chest physio...She can sleep well last night...she still can smile to the nurses and being cheeky all the time even she's not well...that's what I adore about my Angel Arissa

Arissa on nebuliser....not even a cry! Good girl Arissa!

" I wish my dad is here with me...."

see...how happy and cheeky she is...this is after
kena insert iv line kay...she did not cry!

still excited dgn hospital bed...

kalau boleh nak lompat-lompat atas katil

I'm so proud of her...she is so good

get well soon my dear...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Welcome Aydan & Aryan

Congratulations to my sister Yanie and hubby Zaino on their new arrivals, The twins, on 5th Marrch 2010.

The first twins in our big family...

Meet the adorable twins!

 first twin..Baby Aydan 2.7kg born on at 2.17pm

second twin ... Baby Aryan, 2.06kg born at 2.18pm

me...with baby Aryan

me... with baby Aydan

Cepat-cepat besar ye twins..and later can join the clan!


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