Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Longchamp in da house!

Actually hubby 'supposed' to get me Long Champ Le Pliage open tote
while he is in Frankfurt, tapi bz sangat dengan schedule training dia, tak sempat nak beli. Can u believe it??!!

My last chance to get the bag is at Frankfurt Airport, tapi nak jadi cerita and not my 'rezeki' that time...ada bomb threat la plak...so part of the airport was closed to the public!

So apalagi, dengan frustnya that day, and dengan happynya today I step into LongChamp Boutique!

On Sale now! Long Champ Legend on sale! But not this Long Champ Le Pliage lah! and guess what? I found out the Le Pliage open tote bag is actually mahal rm60 dr blogs yang take pre-order.Kalau kat Europe brp price ek? Anyone knows?

So, here I am, at LongChamp boutique, getting my Le Pliage open tote, and this cute Le Pliage mini case, my 'pencil case' to be, at 50 percent discount!

Bonus jaga anak tanpa suami disisi...hehe

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wahh..best nye ur bonus ;)

wann said...

kat mana butik ni jem...merata2 tgk org pakai..teringin nak tgk juga...

Liyana said...

I thinks it's about 45euro or 43 pound sterling(open tote yg plain, ke?). Kat Malaysia campur tax. Tapi kalau pre-order pun, I'm sure they're not selling kedai punya price, business kan.. lagi pun nak pergi with local transportation fare etc. So mark-up sikit la kot. Unless kirim kwn2, tu dpt murah lagi agaknya :)


screamingmommy said...

woweeeee...so nice of your hubby upah you jaga the kids:)) anyway what color that you bought, from the photo nampak pencil case je.

JeM said...

Joy : sekali sekala ;)

wann :kat Gardens ada :-))

Liyana : yup, plain open-tote cabas..boutique price a lil bit expensive from blogs...but Le Pliage
handbag quite expensive.

SM : open tote cabas tu plain je..new autumn/winter colour, dusky-greyish purple..haha don't know what exact colour name!

Nana said...

Out of curiosity .. how much you pay for the LongChamp? banyak jugak orang suruh I tengok kan Longchamp but I don't think its that much difference between UK and Malaysia. So, kalau I jual pun tak dapat apa2 pun. Unless kalau ada sale then ok lah sikit.

Memang betul cakap Liyana. Nak kena kira cost sikit. Especially kalau I yang tak dok London. Sekali turun london banyak habis oooooo!! yang untung orang london lah.But still they have to pay the tube and all that. kena lah cover cost sikit. Most of us are students .. mesti pokai punya lah hahahahaha!

Nini Best said...

My hubby got me a Longchamp Le Pliage Medium, short handled in a black shade for 51 euro.. he bought it at Paris... murah sikit la dari klu beli pre-order... :)


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