Monday, May 31, 2010

okaidi sale

I found cute hairbands for Arissa at's on sale now!

Arissa's wavy hair looks so unmanagable without hairbands...banyak anak rambut...messy kalau just make a pony je...and lucky she wants to wear it..unlike her sister from baby till now...doesn't like her hair to be tied or wears any hairbands or hairclips.

No more messy hair, girl!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

shrek forever after

We recently watched shrek forever after

Here is the synopsis...

The quiet, normal life no longer suits Shrek(Mike Myers), who secretly longs to go back to the way things were, when being an ogre meant he was feared. Unfortunately, when he vents those feelings to his wife, Fiona(Cameron Diaz), “the way things were” means before he saved her from captivity in the first film. Following the squabble with his wife, Shrek comes upon Rumpelstiltskin(Walt Dohrn), who is the Far Far Away version of a predator lender: You make a deal that’s way too expensive for you and way too good for him. In return for spending one day as the ogre he used to be, Shrek gives up a day from his childhood, a day he doesn’t remember. 
Unbeknownst to Shrek, Rumpelstiltskin picks the day Shrek was born as the exchange because it helps him cash in another sweet deal; on the day Shrek rescued Princess Fiona, the King of Far Far Away was about to sign away his entire kingdom to rescue his daughter. The story then becomes a save-the-day mission, quite literally: Shrek has to break his contract before the day he was born is completely gone or he won’t ever exist. That means recruiting Donkey(Eddie Murphy) and Puss in Boots(Antonio Banderas).

Most review says it is just ok ok not superb but my kids was laughing n hubby too! They enjoy ever since first shrek movie!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

jelly sandals

fall i love when i first saw it!

fancy and cute for my girls...

they love it!

Jelly sandals by Baby Gap...

Friday, May 28, 2010

book hunting

Alhamdulillah...dapat rest for 3 was so hectic last week at work! so mentally and bodily tired! and i need a break...and alhamdulillah weekend is here!!! and another extra day to rest :-)

Today i bring my kids to MPH for book hunting...books for them to read during school holidays next week..they gonna have school break for 2 weeks...lama tu...and this mommy tak dapat long we are not going anywhere...just weekend getaway ajelah...

Love watching them with books!

looking at children's books makes me crazy....

They are crazy with alice in wonderland now...esp Arissa!
and found this nice book!

And we bought these books along...
for batrisyia

these books..more of a comics actually....Amsyar's

this one is for Arissa

mmmm...tiba-tiba my eldest nak these books...pelik...nevermind
as long as books..

Happy reading kids and have a great school holiday to all kids out there!
Enjoy :-)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Village grocer

It's my new place for grocery shopping at Sunway Giza!

Sunway Giza at night

Sunway Giza opened in early December last year. This lifestyle neighbourhood mall is certainly adding another dimension to the already popular Dataran Sunway and it  has also chosen Village Grocer to serve the household needs of residents in the area. The most eye-catching feature when one steps onto the boulevard is perhaps the 12 giant fans, each measuring  20ft in diameter, installed on the ceiling for better air circulation.
The basement car park, which has 800 parking bays is still free at the moment...and it will only cost one ringgit for three hours! more than enough to cover my shopping hours!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Anya Hindmarch Private Sale Preview

Hi peeps!

It's Anya Hindmarch Spring/Summer 2010 Collection PRIVATE SALE PREVIEW at KLCC!
By invitation Only and RSVP..

30 -50% reduction on selected item...
Not sure going or not..

I'm back!

It's almost a week since my last entry! been so busy lately...i'm back! i'm back!
I'm glad that...
I finished my 6 calls for this month! have to squeeze it in 2 and half weeks...coz hubby is going somewhere next one week....and....
Batrisyia is in the middle of her exam...before school holiday starts..need to study with her too...that's the reason for the silence! hihihi...

Will be back soon!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

arts of the day

We have fun this evening doing some paintings..
here goes the 'masterpiece' by Batrisyia and Amsyar...


and here goes the artists!


sweet dream in a sweet room

For many parents, convincing their children to sleep in their separate bedroom can be difficult. It is hard to resist the child’s pleas of being afraid of the dark and lonely. However, the sooner your child gets used to sleep in a separate room, the better for both you and him or her.

It would be helpful to involve the child in decisions about decorating his or her room, so that sleeping in it would be more appealing. A bedroom theme can be the starting point of your decision for buying or decorating the children’s room.

Your little girl would probably love to sleep in a golden coach shape bed where she could feel like a princess.

Your boy would have pleasant dreams while sleeping in a bed resembling a model race car or a private boat. While taking a decision regarding a fantasy theme for the room can be fun, you will also have to think of how quickly your children might outgrow the fantasy bed stage and be prepared for the expenses required for redecorating the room.

You might blend fantasy with practical solutions that would also keep your children safe while sleeping. You should create a safe and pleasant environment so that your children will be pleased to spend time in this room the bed being the center of their world.That’s why it is best to choose softer materials for your children’s furniture since sharp edges can be the cause of accidents.

One of the most important things to consider related to your children's bed is the amount of light they are exposed to while sleeping. A night light, a computer or a TV can affect the child’s sleep as during the sleep the hormone melatonin is produced.This hormone which regulates sleep but also the mood is produced in the right quantity only if the body is not exposed to light. A source of light during the night might be the cause of various sleep disorders or moodiness even if your child seems to get enough sleep.

A child spends a lot of time in his bed, so one of the most important decisions to take is to choose the right one. Besides the children's bed, other pieces of furniture can add to the appeal of the room. Again it is useful to think of both practical things like storage space and funky pieces that will put a smile on your children’s faces.

This is my eldest room...which i think suits her very much.....
Previously the room was occupied with a queen bed...but later i felt that the queen bed makes the room less spacious...dah lah her room is not that i decided to use a single bed which has another bed below it in case we have guests around or later both my daughters can sleep in the same room.....we choose to have white furniture instead of wood colour which will make her room looks more bigger..

single bed..which has got another extra bed below...and with storage and shelves
at the end of the bed

Previously the room was occupied with a queen bed...but later i felt that the queen bed makes the room less spacious...dah lah her room is not that i decided to have a single bed which has another bed below it in case we have guests around....and maybe Arissa can join her later.We choose to have white furniture instead of wood colour which will make her room looks more bigger..and spacious...

a wardrobe and a chest drawer

book shelf
study area

her treasures
I'm thinking of putting a wall paper...but it seems that almost all the walls already occupied with pakai wallpaper pun tak berapa nampak except for small area at her bed...will think about it...i am glad coz Batrisyia loves her room very very much as much as i do!

Sweet dream, baby!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

C for chanel

My new Chanel comfort radiance compact makeup in beige-sable, blush duo tweed effect in tweed rose, whitening modeling effect base with spf 30/PA+++ in rose..

And a trial set of new Hydramax+Active Nutrition from Chanel! consists of hydramax+active fresh nanolotion, hydramax+active serum and hydramax+active creme...

A good introduction to Chanel Precision skin care...

 Chanel Hydramax+ Active Nutrition

“Chanel goes beyond hydration”

Based on the mantra that all skin needs hydration, Chanel has come up with some new products in their Hydramax+ range, guaranteed to deliver fabulous results. Like everything Chanel, this range is immaculate and perfect for any woman craving a red carpet worthy complexion.

New ingredients worth a mention include: Rosemary liposomes to balance, cottonseed oil extract to restore and rose wax to protect and prevent loss of hydration throughout the day. The very clever Hydrabarrier system strengthens the skin barrier and locks in moisture to the cells. 

Happy trying!
Gonna go on-call tomorrow with my new chanel make up and skin care :-)


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