Thursday, November 18, 2010

I am a bbM lover

It is so convenient to have blackberry messenger...I can chat, sharing pictures with huBby 24hours a day...doesn't feel like he is millions away....this is the main reason why I still stick to my BlackBerry phone coz he is using BlackBerry too which suits him and his workfield.

Basically, it is enhanced real-time text communication between users of Blackberry PDA phones, and it includes things like media sharing and all kinds of other cool enhancements. Instead of being SMS based like regular text messages, the messages are relayed through Blackberry's RIM servers, much like email, so it can take advantage of Blackberry's other famous proprietary system, push technology. This ensures that messages arrive at your phone at virtually the same instant they are sent by your family and friend!
Love it!

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ni yg rs cam nk tukar hp ni ;)

CiKaYu said...

jem...jom lah kite berbbm juga....

JeM said...

Joy : tukar lah...hihi

CikaYu : No prob. nanti sms u i punya PIN no.than invite me kay?


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