Saturday, February 27, 2010

Double Birthday BASH

Today we are celebrating Batrisyia 8th and Arissa 2nd birthday at Delifrance, The Strand, Kota Damansara at 2 till 4 pm...and expecting around 50 guests...families and close friends of me n hubby. It's a close party...and the menus are spaghetti with choice of 3 sauces: forestier, beef bolognaise and chicken bolognaise, mini croissant sandwiches with tuna and egg, mushroom soup with garlic bread, mini canapes, mini tarts and pastries, and soft drinks and ribena for kids....yummy

This year i manage to get a Dora cake for the birthday girls and Dora and friends cupcakes for the guests...lovely cake! The girls love it very much!

As for the is taken care of a talented hand Min from

We enjoyed every seconds of it...and of course the kids too.

The lovely cake!

Birthday girl 1

Arissa, birhday girl 2

Happy Birthday Girls!

waiting for the cakes...

My handsome boy!

cupcakes with Dora The Explorer characters!

busy Ayah....melayan guests!

busy mama :-)

the guests...

Our Big Family..thanx for coming!

Family potrait

We enjoyed every moments of it...and its our pleasure to have all the guests...

Amsyar already asking for a transformer cake for his birthday!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Birthday celebration at Auntie Sha

The girls had their birthday celebration at their day care...auntie Sha's daycare...on 19th Feb 2010.

It was an outdoor birthday party!

Thanx auntie Sha!

Enjoy the pictures...:-)

The party pack for friends

The birthday tags...hand-made by Mama...

Birthday GIRLS

Happy birthday Batrisyia n Arissa!

Enjoying her party!





 Amsyar enjoying her sister's birthday cake..choc cake of course!

kids with their caretaker Kak Zana

their cousin, Aqil. same age with Arissa...

Gift from auntie Sha to the girls...Thanx auntie Sha! cute cuppies...

Till then...wait for our next birthday celebration ya!...specially for us, sponsored by Daddy of course!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to my dearest Batrisyia

Time eldest turns 8 today! she's a big girl now...

We are not going to have her birthday party we plan to have a double celebration sometimes next week for both of my girls together...wait ya!

I have to leave home early today....need to attend part II course...left her a birthday card and a beautiful musical box..saying...

She would like to have a bear as a birthday gift...I found this soft Russ bear for her..

"My dearest Batrisyia....H.A.P.P.Y 8th B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y! Mama, Ayah, Amsyar and Arissa loves you very very very much...Wishing you happiness and joy in life...May Allah bless you"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'm on call again.....i can't run away from's part of my life now..dunno until when...

So far...quiet peaceful...and hope will remain the same till next morning 0800H.

Missing my kids...but luckily today we have guests from Kedah, my sister and family..their cousins to accompany them...playing 24H at home...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Arissa turns t.w.o today!

13th February 2008 at 0443H Zara Arissa was born....

Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter Zara Arissa. Today you turns TWO!

Mama, Ayah, Kakak and Abang loves you very very very much!

Wishing you a wonderful and happiness in life!

We are going to celebrate Arissa's birthday together with Batrisyia's soon...double celebration, so today we just bring Arissa to choose her birthday pressie!

Guess what Arissa choose to have? Dora Play-a-Book set!

Here are some photos...of my LoVely Zara Arissa.....:-)

 Arissa at few hours...13th Feb 2008

Newborn Arissa...she has a lovely eyes!

 She was so alert on the day she was born!

Arissa at 1 month old
lovely sisters

Arissa at 7 months old...1st Hari Raya

Arissa on her 1st Birtday!

She is so cheeky...always with a smile...

Today, I am 2 years Old
Thanx Mama & Ayah...for a birthday lunch date with me!


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