Friday, November 19, 2010

Kids nowadays

My Kids are having 'get together' with their cousins this Raya hols...and part of the time together spend with the gadgets!!!

This is how kids nowadays spending their time together...not like us before...where we used to play games in a group like monopoly, scrabble, etc,etc but I am sure we can't get away from all of this technologies...and the fact that we need to grow with make full use of it!

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ICA said...

Jem, how are you? lama I tak drop by...just wanna say hello. Hope you and your family are doing well.....sihat2 semuanya. Btw, love your blog layout...very nice.

ps: My kiddos are still young so boleh control lagi with all the techno gadgets....tapi I am sure they will be just like yours bila dah a bit older nanti...hehehe. Now pun they are controlling the TV remote.

JeM said...

Ica..I am fine.TQ

nak kena supervise jugak apa games yang diorg main ni...not to just let them play whatever games..will expose them to bad things nanti.


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