Sunday, November 28, 2010

Penat tapi we had fun!

yeah...penat tapi we had fun kan mama!

that's what Batrisyia told me on our way out from Kids Fair 2010...

At least they enjoyed their visit...participated in few games and activities offerred...

We arrived at KLCC at 11am sharp...but OMG the queue...rasa nak patah balik je...

but dah sampai redah je la...

 promoting IdeaPaint...the most flexible, durable and cost-effective 
dry solution in the market!
can transform a child's bedroom or playroom into a place to explore and
express their creativity and imagination..

Kids trying on a table paint with IdeaPaint

 playing with i-clay

we did it! with i-clay! 

 Arissa had enough with stickers!

at Child Line booth

 I just knew about this ChildLine


trying sand-art with the help of kakak

they have lot more activities to join like colouring contest, story telling,

 and sebenarnya banyak lagi booth yang i tak sempat singgah pun...

the kids already tired and hungry including me! hehe


Jelita78 said...

i salah tempat!
i baca your post pasal kids fair tu!
then i tot kat midvalley..
we all pegi laaa meredah ke midvall tu.. kebetulan ada laa gak - tapi parents and kids fair.. aku ingatkan betul laa tu kan.. tapi hampeh tak best lansung..
by the time i google up, the kids dah penat, so we head home and tak pegi pon klcc.. huwaaaaa..
cehh.. mommy lak yg over.. bebudak tak kisah pon..


my kids still on holiday dgn atuk n nenek kt kg! iclay tu best!!


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