Saturday, May 1, 2010

Her first hair cut

Batrisyia had her first ever hair cut when she was about to enter standard one...end of 2008. I never cut her hair since she was born...and love her long waivy hair with curls at the end very very very much. It was so hard initially to wait for her hair to grew to shoulder length..up to age of 2 her hair still above the shoulder...and it was really curly and stuck to her head...later it becomes waivy with curls at the end...but she needs to sacrifice the hair before she entered standard one...difficult and i don't think it would be managable with long hair...she was iniatially reluctant to cut her hair but after pujuk-pujuk..she agreed...

six and a half year hair!

Every now and then i am maintaining the hair at her shoulder length only...may be when she grow up and can take care of her hair by herself she can have a long hair again! You look more mature with short hair darling!


Yummy Mummy said...

Your girl looks so cute! I'm sure she likes her haircut. My 4+yo girl has ringlets which I love, because my hair is straight. Susah nak jaga tapi sayang nak potong. Recently had to trim her hair because it was getting a hassle to maintain. Without consulting me the hairdresser ironed out her hair before cutting. Although she loved the straight look, and was dissapointed to get her curls back lepas mandi, i've noticed that her curls dah tak tak secantik dulu. Sayang sgt. Anyway, good luck to Batrisyia nak masuk standard 1!

JeM said...

Yummy Mummy...this was back in end of she's already in standard two..i pun sayang ngan rambut dia...we manage to keep about 6 years plus!


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