Friday, May 28, 2010

book hunting

Alhamdulillah...dapat rest for 3 was so hectic last week at work! so mentally and bodily tired! and i need a break...and alhamdulillah weekend is here!!! and another extra day to rest :-)

Today i bring my kids to MPH for book hunting...books for them to read during school holidays next week..they gonna have school break for 2 weeks...lama tu...and this mommy tak dapat long we are not going anywhere...just weekend getaway ajelah...

Love watching them with books!

looking at children's books makes me crazy....

They are crazy with alice in wonderland now...esp Arissa!
and found this nice book!

And we bought these books along...
for batrisyia

these books..more of a comics actually....Amsyar's

this one is for Arissa

mmmm...tiba-tiba my eldest nak these books...pelik...nevermind
as long as books..

Happy reading kids and have a great school holiday to all kids out there!
Enjoy :-)


ICA said...

Jem: I duduk with Auni and tunjukkan dia your kids punya pictures ni at the bookstore. Then Ujang said "kalau aila surely dia lari sana sini and tak sit down properly like your kids..." which is true..hehehe. Arissa baiknya duduk properly saja with her brother and sister. For my we love to go to bookstores Auni ok boleh sit down and read but little Aila would always want to run around & simply drives us crazy...hehe.

Have a splendid weekend to you. may you'll be able to re-charge & relax with your love ones...ya.

JeM said...

Ica..thank you..yeah hoping the same too! They really get fascinated with books..yang suka lari-lari tu my superhero sorang tu...ikut mood jugak sebenarnya...but kalau outing with me alone without hubby...i 'brainwash' dulu kat dlm kereta..."everyone must lari-lari, if not bla-bla" teruk mommy ni kan?? hihi :-)

diana sidek said...

so true kak jem, the children's book mmg sgt best kan. colourful especially.comel sgt arissa tu, i suka sgt tgk dia. tp semuanya nampak well- behaved and really interested with books. i guess u have developed the habit awal2 lg kan.


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