Saturday, May 22, 2010

Anya Hindmarch Private Sale Preview

Hi peeps!

It's Anya Hindmarch Spring/Summer 2010 Collection PRIVATE SALE PREVIEW at KLCC!
By invitation Only and RSVP..

30 -50% reduction on selected item...
Not sure going or not..


screamingmommy said...

hi Jem, very tempting:) I received the invitation...but i seriously cant go, mesti terjebak kalau pegi:( self restraint:)
if u r going update ye..apa yg hot!!

JeM said...

SM...i pun tak sempat was 'at-home' weekend! too eldest i kena tahan nafsu! you are tempting..tapi last season punya i x suka sangat...hope they'll come out with nicer ones for spring/summer 2010! have to check it out later...:-)


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