Friday, April 30, 2010

Puffy Eyes

Tea : my home remedies for puffy eyes!

Green tea or black?
Both work well to soothe puffy, irritated eyes.

The difference?
Not much. Caffeinated teas help constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling, while herbal teas (especially chamomile) contain anti-irritants that soothe redness and inflammation. Steep 2 bags of your choice of tea in hot water for three to five minutes. Let cool until the bags are comfortably warm to the touch. 

Lie down, close your eyes, and place a tea bag over each eye; then cover with a soft cloth. During hot months,which applicable to our country weather... put the cooked tea bags in the refrigerator and apply to eyes when needed for a refreshing, eye-opening experience.

Give it a try!
Happy weekend everyone!


diana sidek said...

hello!thanx for the tips.definitely going to give it a try.and the best thing is because it's so cheap!my eyes mmg mata panda! :D

JeM said...

diana...yes it is cheap..try, jangan tak try!


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