Saturday, May 15, 2010

C for chanel

My new Chanel comfort radiance compact makeup in beige-sable, blush duo tweed effect in tweed rose, whitening modeling effect base with spf 30/PA+++ in rose..

And a trial set of new Hydramax+Active Nutrition from Chanel! consists of hydramax+active fresh nanolotion, hydramax+active serum and hydramax+active creme...

A good introduction to Chanel Precision skin care...

 Chanel Hydramax+ Active Nutrition

“Chanel goes beyond hydration”

Based on the mantra that all skin needs hydration, Chanel has come up with some new products in their Hydramax+ range, guaranteed to deliver fabulous results. Like everything Chanel, this range is immaculate and perfect for any woman craving a red carpet worthy complexion.

New ingredients worth a mention include: Rosemary liposomes to balance, cottonseed oil extract to restore and rose wax to protect and prevent loss of hydration throughout the day. The very clever Hydrabarrier system strengthens the skin barrier and locks in moisture to the cells. 

Happy trying!
Gonna go on-call tomorrow with my new chanel make up and skin care :-)


Nana said...

OoOOoo nice!!!! I suka make up .. especially eye shadows heheh!!!

Yummy Mummy said...

Jem, nanti buat review on the skin care products ye ;D


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