Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Village grocer

It's my new place for grocery shopping at Sunway Giza!

Sunway Giza at night

Sunway Giza opened in early December last year. This lifestyle neighbourhood mall is certainly adding another dimension to the already popular Dataran Sunway and it  has also chosen Village Grocer to serve the household needs of residents in the area. The most eye-catching feature when one steps onto the boulevard is perhaps the 12 giant fans, each measuring  20ft in diameter, installed on the ceiling for better air circulation.
The basement car park, which has 800 parking bays is still free at the moment...and it will only cost one ringgit for three hours! more than enough to cover my shopping hours!


screamingmommy said...

Jem..this is really nice..too bad it's far..far awaaay from my place:( I like the arrangement yg neat dan tak semak..nak choose barang pun tak pening..plus ample space if anak2 I nak run around:)

JeM said...

SM...suka sangat bila dengar Village groccer nak bukak hari tu...and just few minutes from my house...now i can bring all my kids to do grocery shopping..biasanya i malas nak bring them coz ramai org..this place is really cool!

Yummy Mummy said...

Jem, nampak very vibrant and best to shop. What's the prices like? I usually go to Carrefour for household items, Cold Storage for speciality items and the local kedai runcit for fresh veg and fish.

JeM said...

YM..price is about the same as cold storage..and plus they have almost everything...i like their fresh items...suitable for me yang beli sikit-sikit coz i only cook like few times a week...hihi :-)

zie_naz said...

And good to know there is place to buy all healthy stuffs for kids :-)choices of cereals, biscuits etc. which mostly fr Aussie. Wish they have some sort of public library around, is there any? where's d nearest public library if u know? ;-)


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