Sunday, May 16, 2010

arts of the day

We have fun this evening doing some paintings..
here goes the 'masterpiece' by Batrisyia and Amsyar...


and here goes the artists!



ICA said...

Hahaha...move over Van Gogh...ada 2 artists in the house.

Btw, comel Arissa tak kacau her elder brother and sister ka masa this coloring activity?

screamingmommy said...

not bad ya ur kids ada bakat..nice drawing:) and also a good activity

JeM said...

Ica..Arissa tengah they both happily did their paintings without being disturbed...hihi kalau tak i'm sure Arissa pun ada her own conteng-conteng art!

Screamingmommy...they do have! mamanya je tak sempat nak asah!


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