Sunday, April 11, 2010

no improvement

Poor Arissa, after being hospitalized about three weeks ago...she started to have cough again...this time she only had it about a day....but turned out bad...untill she got wheezing sounds...again kena jumpa paediatrician...i did not dare to wait...and she needs to be on nebuliser every 8 hours till her next appointment... the cough is still there, anyway good enough she can sleep peacefully at night..

Yesterday, we met her paediatrician again...and that was my third saturday in kjmc for follow-up...*sigh* dah lah i was postcall...nasib baik on call tak sibuk that night, i was able to sleep without being disturb...for few calls tu biasalah...on and off, no majors like laparatomy ke, obstetric emengencies ke..

We met into conclusions that Arissa need to be put on inhalers and steroids for short period...InsyaAllah short improvement from last follow up..not enough just only on nebulisers and syrup ventolin. She needs to be on seretide and ventolin inhaler...singular and syrup prednisolone too. Oh Arissa dearie, hopefully you'll ge well soon, ok...sian anak mama, tak stop lagi makan ubat...luckyly she is a type yang senang makan ubat, without struggling...lega mama.

Pray to God, hopefully this is temporary...I have a strong family history of ashtma...both the sister and brother have same problem when they were her age...but not seriouslah..on and off kena ambik nebulisers..but now they are fine...And looking at nowadays weather...lagilah prone nak dapat cough here and there. She is still active like usual and her appetite also good as usual...i'm thankfull for that...not worrying me much..because i need to send her to daycare while i'm working. Sorry my dear Arissa...mama kena kerja...and i know you are a strong little girl...kan?


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Unknown said...

InsyaAllah Arissa will be OK soon. Zafran was like that before, on seretide and ventolin inhaler but skarang dah OK.. maybe age mcm ni senang nak dpt kot.. Get Well Soon my dear Arissa.. love u.. muahh!!


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