Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hubby's birthday hubby turns.....yes! today is his birthday...sharing same date as kapal titanic tenggelam...still remember the date and same date with my eldest brother's birthday 14th April...

We just have a dinner at Tony, hubby and kids to celebrate it. Sorry darling..i look tired...i am tired...i'm post call on your birthday...anyway we had such a great time...tonight, enjoyed the food...and i can't wait for the weekend to come...

"Happy Birthday My Darling Hubby.....may this year brings you and us happiness, wealth and great health...and many many great year ahead!"  "May Allah bless us..Amin"

don't worry he's older than me!

excuse me....i look tired :-(

p/s gambar-gambar food x sempat nak tangkap...sebab semua x sabar nak makan...lapar hihi he is leaving for jb...sob sob miss you, Yang... i would like to dedicate this sweet poem to you on your birthday...

"What a wonderful husband you are!
I love you in every way."

"Just look how we've gotten this far,

and getting better every day."

"You mean the world to me

and yet so much more."

"Here's hoping your birthday

will be one you'll adore."


Unknown said...

alolololo so schweeetttt... happy birthday again :)

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

happy birthday en kerol and abg nan.. :D


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