Friday, April 16, 2010

our date

Despite of not feeling well since i manage berdating dr mr.hubby...hihihi it's quiet long since last time we went out berdua-duaan...really...Hubby promise to bring me out for lunch and window shopping..

In the morning after siapkan kids to school and day care...we went for breakfast at kopitiam near our house...then went to see my friend kat klinik dia for the m.c...still feels tired and giddy in the i took paracetamol and slept till 12 noon...dah lama tak tidur lama macam ni....heaven rasa...i'm not that type of person yang boleh tidur during day time...but this time really balas dendam..hahaha

We plan to go out after friday to Bag Spa at Berjaya Time Square to send my Anya bag...and we choose Pavillion for lunch and window shop....looking for a nice grey leather handbag...for Raya...huhu cepatnya..puasa pun belum. We went to almost every boutique...only one grey leather handbag from Gucci yang really heart me...the price is 8k plus kay..and the bag can be carry in handheld or shoulder... it is Gucci's new 2010 Spring Summer collection...boleh ke my darling hubby? will put in the list...

me...having chicago cheesecake...prohibited by mr hubby to drink coffee!
he claims that coffee makes me dizzy and trigger my migraine which is quiet true!
mr hubby having jasmine tea..he is not a coffee lover

It is such a lovely together and chit chatting sambil minum and makan-makan...hilang segala stress hahaha! tonight need to do packing for our weekend getaway! Avillion here we come!

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Can't wait for our weekend getaway!

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Unknown said...

Enjoy your holiday and I vote for Gucci!!! hahaha tak pasal2


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