Saturday, April 10, 2010

i'm on call

today is my second call of the month....Alhamdulillah so far..kira quiet call eventho dah buat vacuum extraction for fetal distress in labour ward and baru je balik from gynae ward, did a resuscitation about 40 minutes to a 67 year old lady with stage 4 cancer...but she didn't make it...we tubed her, shocked her 4 times...we have to called it my hand dah ala-ala keras and cramp...sbb bagging lama sangat...tak sempat nak mandi lagi...

now it's time for me to take shower..hahaha kena mandi bunga that tonight there will be no major things happen... and i will have a good sleep...and tomorrow is Arissa's follow up with her paedeatrician...and i need to bring her early....and i'm sleepy already....better get some sleep now...

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