Saturday, June 5, 2010

party time

today, we attended two majlis 12.30pm we had our lunch at kenduri kesyukuran hosted by my kids nursery owner, k.Sya.

Next, we went to Joode's house..Batrisyia's friend to celebrate his birthday party plus his younger brother Izaaz and plus her mommy..Julie (Joode's father is my hubby's friend).Blue and white is the party theme! i just can say the party is huge and full with games for kids and macam-macam food ada..starting from heavy menu...nasi briani with ayam and daging...satay, roti jala, mee sup..bla bla..stall with cendol, ice-cream bla-bla..and this mommy can't stop eating! haha lucky that today i feel better than the previous, previous day...knocked off with very very bad urti..till needed augmentin to settle down!

In the middle of the party..they have magic show to entertain the kids and lots of games for the kids to participate...and lastly upacara potong kek and birthday songs! the party is great..only today the weather is my eldest starts to have eczema rashes and starts scratching! ouuchhh! pity her...but that's not bothering her to cont playing!

'the magician' entertaining the kids and others
waiting for the 'magic show'
my kids and others...tercengang tengok magic! hahaha!
Amsyar and birtday boy Joode being called to entertain!
Joode, Izaaz and Julie..the birthdays family
Thanx to the party kids enjoy themselves very-very much!


IreneYaya said...

Kak Jem, Arissa tak pakai fake eyelash kan? Lentik sgtla bulu mata dia! =)

JeM said...

irene...bulu mata original! i remembered eyelashes dia appears very clear and long since newborn! i pun envy! hahaha!


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