Friday, June 11, 2010

meet Audrey

This Anya calf leather..

Chic and sophisticated, the Audrey is the bag to wear this season! Contrasting coloured fine matt calf leather shoulder bag, with vintage inspired dual chain handles. Secure resin twist lock clasp.

 Audrey in black
Audrey in off-white

  and others... patent leather

as grace as the name....GRACIE in off white

too big....Dean


Oh this madness is killing me!!!!


Jelita78 said...

which one followed u home??

JeM said...

jelita78....hahaha not yet decided..i like audrey in black most!

IreneYaya said...

Belvedere takde Kak jem

JeM said...

irene: belvedere dah lama sold out kat all boutiques here! before sale dah habis...


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