Sunday, June 27, 2010

Amsyar's sports Day

Today, Amsyar's having his sports day...I need to rush from hospital this i am post call..i nearly overlooked his sports day...lucky enough i am post call not 'on call'...

This year, the event is combined with other Smart Reader Kids centres: Mutiara Damansara, Bandar Utama and Sunway Damansara...and it is held at Damansara Perdana..they started early at it can be finished before the heat starts...i supposed morning sunlight is good for our bodies as we need natural sunlight to synthesize adequate amounts of vitamin D in order to keep our bones strong and healthy, as well as support the immune system! but this mommy keep complaining about it!

 Luckily...only 3 events je...for age 4, 5 and 6 and all events..the kids will be paired with their parent..Amsyar's baling bola dalam bakul...that's what amsyar and the father, throw the ball and ayah sambut dengan bakul..oklah...all kids dpt medal yeay! but not for daddy lah! too old! hahaha..before the sports starts...they have an opening show from each Smart Reader...and Amsyar is also taking Amsyar is a shy boy actually...only at school malu-malu..kat rumah hero! but his teacher said...dia memang baik kat school...obedient boy!

I was a bit...more than a bit.. upset with this year's sports organization..i guess being a 4 consecutive year parent that attended and participated in the is fair for me to make this comment..i remember both my eldest sports day was well organized...the first one was held at Sri KDU school which they have a grand stand for parents to sit and watch the event...and the second one in Mt one of the closed stadium...that one was was an indoor game..and time tu plak my Arissa baru few months old....tak delah panas bawak baby..

Amsyar's last year's sports day boleh di excusekan as they planned a big one at one of the closed stadium tapi because of H1N1 flare...they cancelled the event and they had a small sports day...but this year...dengan takde shaded place for parents and small kids nye...tak de drinks for the PA system! semua macam berterabur! poor management!

Anyway..we had a 'blast' sempat breakfast..from hospital..pick them up..and straight to Damansara had their cereals beforehand..hubby pun tak sempat breakfast coz have to get all of them we headed straight to kedai makan and had our brunch there after the prize giving ceremony...

Enjoy the pics!

Amsyar performing!
waiting for the game to start..
Arissa pun nak take part

throw the ball Amsyar!
sorry ek gambar ayahnya takde!
ayah dah terror sambut bola dlm bakul!


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