Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am going nuts bila tengok baju Gap especially for my lovely girls!!! Oh no! Justified enough buying for Raya! Gaps only have their sales twice a year and it will be in june and it's the right time to purchase it now for Raya...and baju-baju summer ni teramatlah colourful!

Most items are on 30% off  except for basic items like jeans, leggings, and GAP t-shirts...and on top of that, if you buy 3 items or more, additional 10% and 20% more if you purchase 5 or more!If normal price item you still can get 10% off if you are a GAP member! me! I ended up buying 13 pieces! but with good wait no more mommies!
This mommy can't resist! :p help! help!


Nana said...

wahhh banyak nye!! bestnye!!!

JeM said...

woweeeeeeeeeeee! bestnye!

JeM said...

Nana: feels like going again for second round hehehe!


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