Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kids first hair cut

I am sending Arissa for her first hair cut today....I can't stand her hair anymore!! Sorry dear, mama rimas tengok your thick hair...

I just googled some tips...but I guess I suppossed to get the tips bit earlier...anyway I'll give it a try today...

Here are some tips for the First Hair Cut:

Make an appointment rather than drop in

Take your baby into the hair salon a few days before to get him familiar with the facility

Get your baby to watch himself in the mirror

Wave around a brightly colored stuffed animal to distract your baby

Hold or cuddle your baby during the cut if he is upset

Sit your baby in a special shaped chair, like a car or fire engine, during the cut if he seems calm

Let your baby play with a squirt bottle

Watch other children get their hair cut

Don't forget to bring a camera and ask for a lock of hair to document your baby's first hair cut

Popular Styles for Kids??

Some styles, like the bob and buzzcut, have been around for years. These classics never go out of style. Whether you stick to the traditional format or make the cuts a little more modern, your kids can't go wrong with these old favorites.


If your daughter likes a bob, but wants to jazz it up a bit, try these ideas:

Inverted bob: Hair is tapered and short at the neck, and longer at the top.

Asymmetrical bob: Cut one side shorter than the other for a unique, edgy look.

Layered bob: Have the stylist cut layers all over the head for more volume.

Vary the length: Bobs may hit at the collarbone, jawline, chin, or shoulders. Choose the length that works best for your daughter.

Play with bangs: Bobs may be all one length, or they may have bangs. Let your daughter choose the look that works for her.

Work the ends: If your daughter is old enough to "fix" her hair, she can flip the ends or roll them under, depending on the style of the day.

will see the result shortly!
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