Sunday, October 17, 2010

Her New Look

Manage to get Arissa to do her first hair cut today...

eventhough she cried half way thru the session!!

Kesian anak mama...being forced to cut her hair! Not a good way..tapi kalau nak tunggu the princess agree..mama plak yang headache looking at your messy hair esp baru bangun tidur!

Her hair is way different from her sister's...i manage to keep her sister's hair till 6 years long!!
Arissa's hair is more thicker and more curled makes it more difficult!

Anyway dear, i love your new look very-very much!
Your face look more rounded and chubby and cute!!

my first hair cut...@ a cost of rm13...hihi

two and a half year long hair!!

are u ready??


how's my new look?

I like it!!!


Anonymous said...

hi, kat mana ye Happy Kids Cut ni?

JeM said...

Hi Anonymous...kat The between Curve and has a small corner for kids!

screamingmommy said...

alaaa..kesian masa dia nangis tu..i remembered my daughter allysha when i first brought her for a hair cut menangis meraung..sampai tertidur penat..but now suka sgt g salon

CiKaYu said...

ala nape potong, sangat cantik rambut old ur daughter is?? i was thinking to bring my daughter for her 1st hair cut. ada min age ke kat situ?

JeM said...

SM...tula time dia nangis i yang panic!maybe her next trip will be ok :-)

CiKaYu..she's 2 years plus..i think at any age long as the kids can cooperate and can sit on their own :-)


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