Sunday, October 24, 2010

fun @ Genting

It is almost 6 years...the last time i went to Genting Highlands....
our getaway to Golden Palm Tree, Sepang have to be postponed coz last minute booking, alamak mahalnya room yang available...not worth, maybe later we do booking earlier..
So we made a choice to bring the kids to Genting for Fun!
thought of naik cable car to the top tapi cable car tutup!!
so nak tak nak had to drive up to the top.

It was not a 'good day' for us as it was raining till outdoor theme park tak bleh nak main and we only stayed indoor aje...i would say not much difference from the last 6 years i went there...indoor games still sama other exciting extras...but more shops and food outlets la..
My Kids had fun there! As long as they enjoyed it...anyway the trip is for them not us hahaha...


Nana said...

wahhh dah lama tak gi genting!!! Its our little favourite place to go whenever Mozard and me want to "runaway" together for a day or a weekend! ahhhh rindu sangat!!


ohh..kami dah 2 thn x p genting..

Jelita78 said...

besar nya makcik yg naik kuda tu.. hehehe..
yup, that reminds me, i pon tak pernah bawak the kids pi sana..
great idea..
maybe i shud take them this upcoming hols..


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