Thursday, October 28, 2010

another neb

We are @ KJMC today...Arissa has been coughing for few today kena jumpa paedeatrician...since last time she had the same symptoms sampai admitted, so better bring early.

I've been auscultating her chest every day at far ok, no wheezing but treating your own child is not good actually coz you may underestimate or overestimate! So better not taking the risk at your own.

She is a big girl now...sitting nicely on chair, obeying whatever dr's order during examination. Good girl, Arissa!

The lung is ok. Occasional wheezes sounds only and she needs to take nebuliser today and to continue her ventolin inhaler at home 6 hourly..another homework for mummy :-)

Get well soon baby!
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1 comment:

Nana said...

aws kesiannye dia!!! I can relate to her suffering because memang dari kecik asthma I teruk. Hope she get well soon ;D you take care too :D


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