Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Up coming Birthday Party

Both my daughters birthday falls in February. Batrisyia turns 8 on 2oth Feb and Arissa turns 2 on 13th Feb. It's just a week a part. Oh dear! my eldest is a 'big girl' time flies

Last year we manage to celebrate their birthday in 2 diff party...but this year we plan to celebrate it only 1 party for both of them coz mama will definitely be busy ahead...this year will be a tough year for me..with exam, thesis bla...bla...bla...and of course will cut the cost! Anyway they will have their own celebration at Auntie Sha's Day care on 19th Feb...with their lovely friends!

But Where? So far no venue yet....

Last year we celebrated Batrisyia's 7th birthday at Victoria Station, Damansara.At the same time, my mother just arrived from Trg that night and we had around 30 guests altogether! Itu pun uncles, aunties and cousins yang duk KL kay....not the whole family...mahu sampai 50 i guess! dah lama tak kira...Anyway she had a wonderful celebration that night....dengan manager2 VS sekali nyanyi birthday song untuk Batrisyia!

Birthday Girl!

Birthday Cake : Power Puff Girl! she wanted to have hello kitty...but mama yang amatlah busy tak sempat nak order...maybe dis year dear!

the crowd! ada lagi rasaya tertinggal...guess who?

Arissa had a small party celebrated at Tony Romas, Cineleisure. We, adult yang enjoyed lebih2...still remembered the tastes of Baskin Robins ice cream cake! Yummy! Yummy Arissa tak makan pun hahaha!

"Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday to lovely Arissa! Happy Birthday to you!!!"

Arissa get ready to blow the candle! tak pandai lagi...

the yummylicious ice cream cake from Baskin Robins!

Arissa still getting mama's milk! missed the moments!

1 year old Arissa with mama. I Love u my angel!

This year......maybe.... maybe extended nak jemput my closest friends and hubby's closest friends too... not sure yet...

Any suggesstion? Definitely not at our house....coz make my life easier...part2 kemas tak de masa...i have no maid ok! we don't trust maid!

mmmmmm....i think my hubby dah ada list venue tu...tak confirm je lagi..we'll see! let him do the job! anyway budget dari daddy's pocket right? hihi *wink*


Zulaikha Mohamad said...

I know who's not in the picture.. the cameraman of coz.. hahaha

Unknown said...

Alaaa nak join the celebration jugak.. lets pray that the twins dah keluar masa tu and I have the chance to go out by the time .. bleh ke :D


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