Monday, January 11, 2010

Barney & Friends

I never had a chance to watch TV at night...wonder why? all our LCDs will be conquered by the kids...Arissa with Barney & Friends, Amsyar with Transformers and Batrisyia a.k.a kakak will watch either one....hermmmmm I guess i won't get a chance to watch movie on tv until they are asleep.

Arissa will be asking for her fav Barney & Friends almost every night before she goes to sleep and even she wakes up in the morning! and i will fall asleep with barney too! She used to watch Dora the Explorer for quiet sometimes before she fall in love with barney.

I remembered those days...barney used to be Batrisyia's fav too and she will sing every single song from the cds....sampai dah tak larat.. asyik2 dengar suara barney, bj and apa nama yg dino hijau bop?! * is the spelling correct?* and the cds Arissa is having now are 7 years old! I never tought that cds will last this long....worth every single penny! banyak jugak yg dah kaput but enough utk Arissa rotate every night for a week and enough to make me feel dizzy with...teruklah mama ni!

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Unknown said...

Zafran now dah melekat dgn cd CARS - ambil from Amsyar's collection. Nanti nak kena copy that CD. Kitorg pon takbleh nak tgk TV dah asyik dgn CD dia je.. terpaksalaa mengadap!!


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