Monday, January 25, 2010

Long day at Pavilion

Yesterday we decided to bring kakak and amsyar to watch Avatar at Pavilion.... at last tengok jugak Avatar! without me...anyway i'm not into movie up-to-date at the moment! on saturday we spent our day at home, we had homecook breakfast, lunch and dinner! wow! Thumbs up mama!

The movie was at 2.30pm. We had our lunch at Madam usual the menu: Plain noodle soup for kakak her fav, char Kuey Teow for Amsyar ..any kind of mee will do for Amsyar, hubby had nasi with curry ayam. Me? bosan dengan nasi yesterday...I had chicken chop and Arissa had enough with kuey teow n fries!

I had to ( ayat cam terpaksa...padahal rela hahaha ) window shop for 3 hours! with Arissa of course..... while waiting for them to finish the movie around 5.30pm I had no problem coz hahaha my fav 'hobby' so far and Arissa was such a lovely darling...enjoyed riding in her stroller, pit stop at kids corner inside parkson bagi dia main2 sat then strolled again till asleeep!

Arissa enjoy playing at kids corner :-)

tak cukup dengan blocks ha angkat kerusi susun pun jadilah! then she said "mama! come sit here!" comey btol!

I thought that we were heading straight home after the tired of window shop... *wink* not in my diary...'penat shopping' but we landed at Red Box with Hubby's friends with their families..mmmm apa lagi kakak tak habis2 nyanyi lagu Rossa 'Hey ladies'! not bad for a 8 year old! and hubby with lagu2 melayu n indon yang jiwang karat huhu...We spent about 2 hours there.....had to go home as to prepare kids for school.

Batrisyia duet ngan auntie julie

solo nyanyi lagu "Hey Ladies"!

Hubby ku kah ini?

"I can sing too mama!" so cute....


Unknown said...

Hahhahaha.. paling lawak gambar KEROL.. hebat2.. penyanyi Malaya.. lepas gian keeeee..kwang kwang kwang..

Mama tak nyanyi ke.. ke malu.. malu tapi mau...hihihihi

JeM said...

as u know...i'm not good at singing! hahaha nyanyi lam bilik air bley! kwang3x


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