Saturday, January 9, 2010

on call

being on call on weekend is the most unwanted...but unavoid too! this is my 3rd call of the month and my last weekend call. yaaayyyy! so far not bad...but i still have 8 more hours to go!

i better go to sleep now or else i won't get any... but banyaknyelah nyamuk kat dalam bilik on call ni. Dah lah sejuk..i have to spray shieldtox on and off to get rid of the mosquitoes...kat hospital pun banyak nyamuk!!

Missing my kids so much...this morning tak sempat kiss Arissa, rushing to hospital taught of doing labour ward call but actually gynae call and pagi2 lagi dah post diagnostic scope!Lucky it turned out to be a short one!

Oh dear...I miss them so much! sob! sob!

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