Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nasihat dalam kereta

This pic was taken by Batrisyia while i was driving... She said to me...Mama pot pet masa driving! while snapping the pic..

But i told her that i am not just pot pet... But i am giving her be a good daughter, to study hard... Jadi anak solehah, rajin solat bla bla bla...same as what Tokki (grandpa) did to me last time..

I remember those days when we were in primary school, Ayah sentiasa bagi nasihat setiap kali ke sekolah and balik dr sekolah.. Never was our journey to and from school without advise from him..but being a kid at that time...rasa nak tutup je telinga every time naik kereta.. Now i still remember his words..and true enough..bebelan Ayah setiap pagi mmg berkesan! Thank you Ayah for all the words!

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