Monday, February 7, 2011

CNY Break - Part II

We were at Petrosains for 3 hours of science!! 
No regret at all. Especially if we bring our children along, because this place was huge with bunch of interesting experiments for our children and recap our science knowledge when we were young too!

The queue was quite long and so did the waiting time. Ramai bawak kids during public holiday ni. Entry fees is cheap..we spent about rm26 if i'm not mistaken..

Once you are inside, there were bunch of interesting experiment in different subjects to be tried, at least 3-4 hours minimum of your time for this place.

There were lots of touch screen learning devices.Kids really enjoyed their time learning and playing with those devices since it has good quality of pictures and also can make nice funny songs with interacted system response.

The great thing about Petrosains is that you get to be hands-on with all the exhibits. Ever wonder what it's like in the middle of a hurricane? Just step inside the Hurricane Booth! by the way, adults will be equally impressed also by the displays on mechanics, engineering, science and technology!  Hubby i banyak le try this and that, he is so fond of science...but yeah science is interesting!!

hurricane booth! yang lain tak ingat!


ICA said...

Jem - I have yet to bawak the girls ke situ...selalu naik that level lencong terus ke Kino saja. Or to eat. Looking at the pictures mcm your kids mmg enjoy themselves...great job, mommy!

JeM said... will love it! hands on..tu yang they all suka :-)


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