Sunday, January 16, 2011

grown up Amsyar

How time flies....we are in the middle of January already and Amsyar survived his new school-life for 2 weeks! I am proud of you! You've grown up! I am glad that we/he managed to go thru it smoothly!

So many things happened and got no time to update here! Busy schedule etc etc..Pray to Allah that everything will be sailing smoothly...Amin

Anyway enjoy some of Amsyar's memorable first few days at school pics!

orientation Day

waiting for his name to be called

in his classroom

sisters...while waiting

my first 'activity' at school

first recess...with kakak

thanks Kakak for taking care of me...

happy together!


CiKaYu said...

nampak dia happy sangat pegi sekolah...

Nana said...

wahhh bestnye kalau ada kakak jaga. Zafier nanti sorang2 aje .. Yana dah masuk high school! Hopefully he can cope with the different style and pace. hish! risau ...


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