Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another relaxing day

Another day of outing... with my BFFs..bergosip-gosip while having coffee...

We went to AH boutique to have a look at Maxi Zip satchel..Anya's new favourite from Spring/Summer 2011 collection! But the bag is still on its way to Malaysia...we were really looking forward to try it coz it looks so chic in the AH little book. But it can be way too big for a petite like me, but according to the SA, it comes in two sizes! It is soon to arrive maybe next week.

So need to stopby another day at AH!

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Jelita78 said...

jeles! jeles!!
best nya relaxing day!
me taking care of kids coz hubby outstation! huwaaaa!!

jem, camner buat gambar style oldies ni? citer sket.. menarik laa!

JeM said...

jelita : using iphone apps LomoLomo..u can choose lenses and frames for free and you can buy lenses too!


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