Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cut & Paste

Today's activity to fulfill my kids free time is Cut and Paste! Arissa learns how to paste basically using glue by herself and i can say that she did it very well! She is not yet allowed to cut the paper by herself for sure...on the other hand Batrisyia and Amsyar done it by themselves! We spent one and half hour together..they had fun and they like it very much! You don't have to spent any money.. just any old magazines or catalogues will do, ask them to choose nice pictures, cut it nicely paste it on a plain paper! That's it!

And do you know that preschool children are encouraged to practice scissor cutting to strengthen hand muscles and coordination for later skills such as writing. Fine motor skills (those skills that involve the small muscle movements of his hands and fingers in coordination with his eyes) are developed through cut and paste activities.So encourage you pre-schoolers to start using scissor but with supervision of course!

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