Thursday, August 26, 2010

she puzzles her own way

At last i found 'perfect' jigsaw puzzle for Arissa...lately she loves doing her sister's puzzle...but she will surely ask me to do it for her as the puzzle is not meant for her age...and i couldn't find puzzle that perfect for her age.... until today...i found it at Marks & Spencer..It has 7 large pieces! and Arissa is so happy doing the puzzle again and again...i guess dia sangat-sangat happy coz she can do it by herself without asking me or without me showing which one to put next...

tadaaa....i did it myself! yeay!

Do you know that jigsaw puzzles are one of the few games that really can be enjoyed by all ages. Often viewed as educational, they can also keep the mind active & can be used as fun gifts

The Overall Benefits Of Jigsaw Puzzles For Children

1. Jigsaw Puzzles Help Children Learn:

- How to work together as a team, if building the jigsaw with someone else
- Independence as they can eventually make a jigsaw all on their own

2. Jigsaw Puzzles Help Children Develop:

- Hand-Eye Co-Ordination
- Fine and gross motor skills
- Logical thinking as the child will become increasingly better at building the jigsaw and know how best to build one
- Their understanding of different shapes and colours will expand, making it easier for them to identify shapes and colours correctly
- Their confidence and self esteem as they complete a jigsaw without any help at all or with very little help

3. Jigsaw Puzzles Give Children The Experience Of:
- Working with different materials, such as wood or cardboard
- Working with different textures

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screamingmommy said...

i love jigsaw puzzles, dulu masa single..suka sgt spend time buat puzzles, my house kat kg has lots of my puzzles my dad frame kan, but now takde masa dah nak buat, my kids pun suka...i loved buying them puzzles, it keeps them occupied:)


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