Saturday, August 14, 2010

jodoh pertemuan...

last week drop by kat AH boutique..the new collection tak sampai lagi...and 
will be available the earliest saturday 14th...
and yesterday jodoh i dgn bag AH new collection!
The SA baru je keluarkan all the bags for display and i take the opportunity to try the bags....hihi not buyyyyying kay...later maybe will consider*wink*
AH bag kat malaysia ni mahal!
Here are the two bags yang i 'eyeing' and 'considering'...

AH large belvedere in burgundy
lovely colour!

perfect for work!
This is a totally versatile tote! 
It can be worn fastened and pulled together, 
loose or un-done, in the hand or across the body for hands free casual outing!

AH shoulder carker
love the colour as pale gold! not so shiny..

suitable for weekend outing! lightweight!

I am AH lover!

Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa and have a nice weekend peeps!


fiezachommel said...

cantiknyer.....i suka ngan belvedere tu..really perfect for work

Jelita78 said...

i like the belvedere..
but since u already have a hamsptead.. kinda looks the same, if i'm not mistaken..

and i loveee the second bag.. what's that name? i don't think that is carker kan?
anwyay, i love it coz it's practical, and multifunctional..
go for it bebeh..

screamingmommy said...

beb, I love belvedere:) one of yg i rasa if I decided to buy AH this time, it has to be belvedere.
Carker doesnt look that nice bila shoulder carry, i guess it'll be better kalau hand carry macam speedy.

Unknown said...

Wahh cantik belvedere maroon tuuuu.. should i get another one :D


Nana said...

Love the belvedere tu!!! cantik color dia!!!


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