Thursday, August 12, 2010

outing with my 'cooper'

I love this 'cooper' very very much!
 love the colour, shape, leather...everything..
my favourite AH!

This stunning tote is also provided with clasp fastening pocket on its one side, a hidden magnetic closure for its main compartment and has a shoulder strap atop that makes one carry it easily!

Angelina Jolie with her Anya Hindmarch Cooper Tote


Jelita78 said...

ohhhhhhhhh cantiknyaaaaaaaaaaaa
so slouchy looking..
is the leather lightweight?
i tak pernah pegang AH laa..still AH virgin.. hehe

CiKaYu said...

cantik..mmg cantik..

screamingmommy said...

Yess..i totally agree with you beb..this is my fave collection..too bad I didnt get it that season..terlepas laa I hope they re-issue this design.

IreneYaya said...

Cantik!!! THought outing naik mini cooper...AH cooper ropanya. =)

JeM said...

jelita...leather dia berat sket coz dalam dia AH collection dah sampai kat AH boutique! i saw some...and awesome!! and new collection sekarang ringan coz AH dah tak guna suede kat dlm dah..

CikaYu...Thanx..cantik dan leather dia sungguh lasak!

SM...I bought this bag pun last minute...i think the last one in KL..i guess..that's what the SA tu cakap...and jatuh chenta pandang pertama! hehehe

Irene...setakat ni mampu AH cooper je...belum lagi mini cooper hehehe :-P

Unknown said...

dalam byk2 AH i paling suke cooper! niceee

YANI SLiM said...

cantik!!! i pun suka cooper esp d one on AJ tu! but... like screamingmommy, i didnt get it that season n now gigit jari :(


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