Saturday, July 17, 2010

my 'call' mate

i've been quite busy for the past one my other half was not around until yesterday..*sigh* and all i did was running errands here and there.....for the kids..

and despite that, i was still able to do my monthly facial at jurlique yesterday...and i was in a 'deep sleep' halfway thru the session..i must be so tired!

today, i am doing my weekend call for the month...and my day starts at 8 9 am, i had a clinical teaching with Dato' and finished almost 12pm....and had lunch with my colleagues at secret recipe...*the only place to get nice food in the hospital, really*
Normally, during my weekend call...i try to finish my post-grad 'hanging' work, updating here and there... and if my call is 'cool'..i'll try to do some readings...and blogging! hahahah...bloghoppings! mmmmm bloggings and bloghoppings comes first before reading! hahaha...bad student!
*I am wondering what is hubby doing with kids at home...wathcing tons and tons of movies for sure!*

And i can't leave the house without my 'call mates'.....

 my 'super-duper light' sony vaio

 my 'on call luggage bag', my marc jacobs tote and my crocs!
*excuse the backgroud...old rattan furniture in mo lounge at a gov hosp!*

Till then, enjoy your weekend peeps! 


nickila said...

nice tote u got there!

JeM said...

nickila...thanx! it serves me right too! :-)


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