Thursday, July 1, 2010

I feel so relieved..

i feel so relieved....i have a six monthly assessment today...for our thesis progress...i am glad, bersyukur sangat eventhough it cannot be finish on least its nearly 80 percent finish! then i am able to sit for a professional exam may next year! tak lama tu....if i can finish my book, thesis...then i can 100% concerntrate on readings and exam oriented study...Only Allah knows how hard for me to be at this level...betul-betul relieved as all my professors especially my head of department...tak condemn i lagi...kalau tak almost every six months rasa nak resign from the programme and give up everything! really heartbreaking! need to be more hardworking this 2 months...and hopefully before Raya i can finish my thesis write-up.

Ya Allah give me strength...and thanx to my hubby who really, really, really,really, really, really be by my side, always, my shoulder to cry on when i am down...and always be supportive in whatever decision i made...and to my proud Batrisyia, my handsome Amsyar and my angel patient ya! this mommy will get out from all this obstacles soon! and concentrate more on all of you...


Jelita78 said...

hebat laaa you JEM!
kalau i tak larat dah nak buat thesis and assessment ni..
CONGRATS dear!!!

JeM said...

Thanx jelita78...
memang tak larat..especially with growing kids...and old brain hahahaha!


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