Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Arissa being admitted

Poor Arissa has to be admitted to the hospital. I did not expect that her lung would be that bad...

She had fever on and off since Chineese New Year, but the fever and flu, cough was settled down. Again she had another episode of fever with cough and flu...a week after and relieved by medicine. The paedeatrician said it was a viral fever and needed no antibiotics. Even i am a doctor by profession, but i did not dare to treat my daughter myself, i still bring her to see paedeatrician.The 3rd episode she had fever was on friday with very bad cough and phleghm...and i did bring her again to see the paedeatrician...but the cough get even worst which makes her coughing all night long, and disturbs her sleep..she refused to eat but she still wants to drinks plain water and her milk...

We went to see Dr Syed in KJMC, her paedeatrician..and advised to do Chest X Ray and blood test...true enough her chest was quiet bad with signs of pneumonia..and she has to be admitted for IV antibiotics..

Tears falling from my eyes...feeling of guilty for not taking good care of her...not good enough until she requires admission...oh how bad i feel...being a mom. I feel so sorry for her...
how I wish my hubby is around....for me and for her..

Today...2nd day in the hospital...she's better...after 6 hourly nebuliser, iv antibiotics, chest physio...She can sleep well last night...she still can smile to the nurses and being cheeky all the time even she's not well...that's what I adore about my Angel Arissa

Arissa on nebuliser....not even a cry! Good girl Arissa!

" I wish my dad is here with me...."

see...how happy and cheeky she is...this is after
kena insert iv line kay...she did not cry!

still excited dgn hospital bed...

kalau boleh nak lompat-lompat atas katil

I'm so proud of her...she is so good

get well soon my dear...

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