Monday, February 22, 2010

Birthday celebration at Auntie Sha

The girls had their birthday celebration at their day care...auntie Sha's daycare...on 19th Feb 2010.

It was an outdoor birthday party!

Thanx auntie Sha!

Enjoy the pictures...:-)

The party pack for friends

The birthday tags...hand-made by Mama...

Birthday GIRLS

Happy birthday Batrisyia n Arissa!

Enjoying her party!





 Amsyar enjoying her sister's birthday cake..choc cake of course!

kids with their caretaker Kak Zana

their cousin, Aqil. same age with Arissa...

Gift from auntie Sha to the girls...Thanx auntie Sha! cute cuppies...

Till then...wait for our next birthday celebration ya!...specially for us, sponsored by Daddy of course!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

The Birthday tag and diorg punye baju that day sgtlah matching :) ... sronok btul arissa n batrisyia celebrate banyak kali bday :)


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