Saturday, February 13, 2010

Arissa turns t.w.o today!

13th February 2008 at 0443H Zara Arissa was born....

Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter Zara Arissa. Today you turns TWO!

Mama, Ayah, Kakak and Abang loves you very very very much!

Wishing you a wonderful and happiness in life!

We are going to celebrate Arissa's birthday together with Batrisyia's soon...double celebration, so today we just bring Arissa to choose her birthday pressie!

Guess what Arissa choose to have? Dora Play-a-Book set!

Here are some photos...of my LoVely Zara Arissa.....:-)

 Arissa at few hours...13th Feb 2008

Newborn Arissa...she has a lovely eyes!

 She was so alert on the day she was born!

Arissa at 1 month old
lovely sisters

Arissa at 7 months old...1st Hari Raya

Arissa on her 1st Birtday!

She is so cheeky...always with a smile...

Today, I am 2 years Old
Thanx Mama & Ayah...for a birthday lunch date with me!


Unknown said...

Glad that Arissa had a blast on her birthday without Kakak & Abang to kacau2 on her "present hunting" day.. kalau tak smua org nak present..hahahahhhaah

Happy 2nd Birthday Arissa!!! PranPran can't wait for the celebration :)

JeM said...

Thank you Cik Ni...I had a lovely outing date with Arissa...with a great lunch at KoRyo Won..sponsored by daddy of course! We enjoyed ourselves very2 much...Muahs

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

Happy birthday arissa.. hope u like the birthday present from Arsyad.. hehe :D

JeM said...

Thanx Cik Jue and Arsyad...mama boleh pinjam tak?

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

haha.. mama sanggup ke nk pakai tu?? :P


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