Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lil 'weekend update'

Kids and hubby watched 'Rio' while i was busy working on saturday...
They enjoyed the movie very much!

This morning we went to klcc, did some shopping. After a 'tiring' week.. kena pergi me'reward'kan diri!

A small gift to 'mama'.We love you!

After lunch was kids school-work review and exercise.. and we went to playground after that.
We had early dinner and they went to bed early too.... *bliss*
There goes our weekend!

Night everyone!

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Jelita78 said...

mama dapat TIFFANY !!!
nak tengok!!!

JeM said...

It's a 'mother's day' gift...

But mama ni tak sabar nak pakai...

Anyway mother's day is everyday, isn't it??

Have to dig some more $ to buy its super cute charms!


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